tension and compression load cell
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10N,20N,50N,100N,150N,200N,500N Miniature S Load Cells Pull Sensors (B318B)

  • B318B
  • Brans

1. Name: S load cell

2. Type: B318B

3. Specification:

Brans miniature S-Beam Load Cells combine compact structure with enhanced precision and rigorous testing to form a reliable and durable tension and compression force transducer. The one-piece design achieves an accuracy of ±0.05 % full scale. The lower capacity (2.5 N to 500 N) Miniature capacity are constructed from aluminum; whereas higher capacity load cells are made with stainless steel. B318 could get high accuracy with compact size. So we could use this for small limitied space force measurement.



Tension and compression load/force measurement

Wide capacity range: 10N to 500N

Accuracy: ±0.05 %FS

Metric thread

One-piece,17-4 stainless steel or aluminum construction

Overload capacity: 150 %FS

IP67 sealing