tension and compression load cell
Product Detail
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20/50/100/200/300/5001000/2000N Miniature Column Compression& Tension load Cells (B317)

  • B317
  • Brans
  1. Name: mini-column type compression and tension load cell

  2. Type: B317

  3. Specifications:

    ● Miniature load cell,low profile,small deflection
    ● Made of stainless steel
    ●Tension and compression application
    ●Mainlyusedforautomotivepress fit,automated assembly,3C products testing, new energy product assembly, medicaltesting,robotics, mold assembly and otherindustrial testing and control system
    ●High dynamic response frequency

Specifications Technique
Capacity  20,50,100,200,300,500N,1000N, 2000N
Rated output 2.0±0.25%mV/V
Zero balance ±2% F.S.
Non-linearity 0.05%F.S.
Hysteresis 0.05%F.S.
Repeatability 0.05%F.S.
Creep(30min) ±0.05%F.S./10ºC
Temp.effect on output 0.05%F.S./10ºC
Temp.effect on zero 0.05%F.S./10ºC
Input impedance 350±10Ω
Output impedance 350±10Ω
Insulation ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
Recommended excitation 10V
Maximum excitation 15V
Compensated temp range -10~40ºC
Operation temp range -30~70ºC
Safe overload 150%F.S.
Ultimate overload 200%F.S.
Cable size Φ3×4000mm
Material Stainless Steel
IP Class IP66