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20,50,100,200,500N Micro Force Sensor load cell

  • B107

1.     Name Miniature Force sensors/load cells

2.       Type: B107

Micro compression force sensors, with only few exceptions, are designed low profile with a small diameter, so they are well suited for applications in confined spaces. We manufacture compression force transducers with a spherical load application button, or ring force sensors which have a through-hole and are therefore particularly suited for the measurement of tension forces, or the implementation of mounting parts.

The sensors provide standardized analog, unreinforced strain gauge bridge output signals in mV/V. As an option, many of our micro compression force sensors can be supplied with an extended temperature range of -40°C up to 150°C.

For the protection against damages, caused by impermissibly high compression stress, our compression force sensor type B103, for example, is supplied with an integrated mechanical stop for overload protection by default. Typical applications for these sensor types are for example shear force and press-in force measurement, measurement of preload forces in screws, industrial process monitoring during force fitting, joining, riveting, stamping.

Key Features

Compact design

Low Deflection profile as 6mm

17-4 Stainless Steel with micro Construction

Direction of force: Compression

Accuracy class 0.2

Nominal rated forces: 20N to 500N/4lbs to 220lbs

Configurable with different cable lengths, plug assembly