Big capacity dynamometer
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200T Wireless dyna-link/Dynamometer with hand held indicator

  1. Name: 200T Wireless dyna-link/Dynamometer with hand held indicator

  2. Type: DL-W

  3. Material: Alloy Steel 

  4. Capacity: 1-200Tons

  5. Profile:

    DL-W wireless dynamometer is an extremely well-built instrument for industry use ,as a standard wireless tool offer universal applications,Whether used as conventional crane weigher or to measure force, DL-W wireless dynamometer is microprocessor controlled for high precision accuracy, calibration is easier with wireless handheld indicator.



(1)Body protection: Aluminum and alloy steel capacities are powder coated.

(2)Accuracy: 0.05% for 1-50t, 0.1% for above 50t capacity.

(3)Units: Units are clearly display on the screen, available in the following measurment (4)reading: kilograms(kg), short Tons(t) pounds(lb), Newton and kilonewton(kN)

(5)Shackles: High tension industrial standard G2130 anchor shackle bows, galvanized finish.

(6)Gravity regulation: The acceleration of gravity can be regulated through indicator parameter setting according to different places value.

(7)Functions: wireless indicator with many functions: Zero, tare, Low battery warnings, peak hold, overload warning. User calibration(with password).

(8)Set-Point: Two user programmable Set-Point can be used for safety and warning applications or for limit weighing.

(9)Package: Packed with carry case, easy to bring.

(10)Indicator RS-232 communication: Print or exact data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard.

(11)Indicator key: 4 local mechanical keys:”ON/OFF”,”ZERO”,”PEAK” and ”Unit Change”.