Weighing indicator
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ABS Digital Platform Weighing Scale Controller Indicator with Display (B094W)

  • B094W
  • Brans
Features & Applications
  1. Use for turning the analog force signal to digital output, the standard analog output signal and simple control of the occasion
  2. Analog output signal could be 020mA、420mA、024mA、05V、010V、-5V+5V、-10V+10V
  3. Digital communication interface as RS485 or RS232
  4. OLED displayer, could display real time weight value and peak value
  5. Controller with the upper, middle and lower limits judgment
  6. I / O 4 input and 6 output, you can customize the input and output port function
  7. Can be driven by the host computer controller output, can be part of the alternative PLC
  8. DC24V power supply, voltage ± 5V, more secure and stable
  9. 35mm standard industrial DIN rail

Specifications Technique
Display LED 
Readability 1/90000
Output linear <0.002%
Comprehensive accuracy Better than 0.01%
A/D Conversion speed >3000 times / s
Accept sensor -3.6~+3.6 mV/V  
Input load 1~8 load cells
Output specification 0~20mA、4~20mA、0~24mA、0~5V、0~10V、-5V~+5V、-10V~+10V
Temp.effect on output ≤10ppm /℃
Temp.effect on zero ≤10μV /℃
Excitation voltage 5VDC
Power supply 24±5VDC
Power waste ≤10W
Operation temp range -20~70℃
Weight approx. 0.5kg
Material Plastic housing
IP Class IP65