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Analog output amplifiers for load cells (BRS-AM-103)

  • BRS-AM-103
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BRS-AM-103 signal transmitter is assemed with Aluminum housing and  original compoment . Transmit and compensate signal while recieved. Changing force signal into standard voltage and current signal for Auto equipment and PLC  acquiring. Zero and span is adjustable. Input and output overload protection.




Input for load cells 0.8-6mV/V
Customized Analog Output  -10/-5 to 0 to 5/10V; 4-20mA
Accuracy 0.05%F.S
Operation Environment -20~50℃, ≤85%RH   
Dynamic response 1000HZ
Power supplier 24VDC
Chanel for Load Cells 2 Chanels