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Canister Column Type Truck Scale Load Cells

  1. Name: Canister Column Type Truck Scale Load Cells

  2. Type: B201

  3. Material: Stainless steel 

  4. Capacity: 5T to 450T 

  5. Instruction:

    The B201 is an analog canister load cell with maximum capacities from 5 t to 450 t. is the ideal load cell for tank scales, hopper weighing, mixer scales and conveyor weighing. The rocker pin load cell provides the best weighing performance.

    The load cell's robust design together with the patented rotation stop makes the load cell especially fit for use in vehicle scales. IP68 protection class and stainless steel design guarantee a long lifetime.

    The B201 load cell with capacity range from 5t to 450t allows the weighing of mid size tanks, hoppers and silos with ease. The stainless steel design, hermetic sealing and IP68 protection provides the best reliable in tank weighing applications.

  6. Advantages:

    Simple to install

    Stainless steel material, laser welded, IP68 with Highest reliability

    Inbuild overvoltage protection

    Self restoring rocker pin, no corner adjustment necessary

    High overload capacity

    Best overvoltage protection


    Need something special or a completey customized design? Contact RANS to discuss your particular application requirements.