Donut load cell/ring type
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Customized load cells

In many cases, we are able to apply a strain gage system directly to your component, usually with minor mechanical modifications. Benefits of this type of measurement when compared with adding bulky off the shelf sensors include:

Minimize component mass

Higher frequency response possible: The strain gages are at the desired measurement location so no added mechanical damping due to shaft couplings or adapters as with off the shelf transducers.

No additional fixture adaptation necessary.

OUR PROCESS: EASY FOR YOU (Your Part + Our Services = Custom Transducer)

We have performed transducerizations on many other customer components. The possibilities are usually only limited by your/our imagination. We typically start with a drawing or photo of your component, and after a discussion of the measurement. We may follow that up with a sketch or drawing, some minor machining modifications, and then apply the strain gage system followed by calibration. It is often possible to perform the calibration with the component installed. You end up with a force or torque sensor made directly from your part. The following are some examples:

1.Bi-Axial and Triaxial Ball Joint Force Sensor

2.Complete vehicle suspension system transducerization

3.Air conditioning compressor belt forces

Complete automotive suspension system transducerization (120 channels) This system was used to measure suspension forces during vehicle road tests for use in durability study. 
This vehicle air conditioning compressor was modified and strain gaged so that Fx and Fy components of belt force may be measured.