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Field measurement

One of our most in demand services is our on site, strain gage installation and measurement. When you contact us with your job, we will devise a solution custom fitted to suit your needs.  We then travel to your site, and measure the data in a timely and professional manner.  Here are some examples of our past work:

1.Force Measurement on an Automotive production line assembly cart

2.Destructive and non-destructive component testing

3.Coal fired electric plant - Jet Boiler Reactor Decking

4.Firetruck Extension Ladder analysis

5.Boom Crane design commissioning

6.Truck Suspension and chassis strains during dynamic off road and on road testing

7.Concrete I-beam strain and deflection analysis for 125 ton Gantry Crane

Strain Technologies provided 2 channels of force measurements for a decking pallet sled at an automotive assembly plant during shut down in order to provide data for a failed mechanisms re-design. 


Strain Technologies was contracted to train and manage the strain gage installation on a clean coal fired electric plant’s “emissions scrubber” or jet boiler reactor. We installed bi-axial strain gages at 24 different locations of fiberglass decking and made long term measurements during reactor.