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High Accuracy S Beam Compression And Tension Load Cells

  1. Name: S Beam Tension and Compression Load Cells with high accuracy load cells

  2. Capacity:0.1-0.75,1-1.5Se,1.5Le-5,7.5,10,20T

  3. Material/production class: Alloy steel or Stainless Steel/IP68

  4. Advantages:

Fully sealed up to IP68

High Accuracy

High Endurance

Built in Overload Protection

High Capacity / Low Capacity

Compact designs available for tight environment

In both Tension and Compression

Single Point Construction

5. Instruction:

Brans S-Beam Load Cells combine compact structure with enhanced precision and rigorous testing to form a reliable and durable tension and compression force transducer. The one-piece design achieves an accuracy of ±0.02 % full scale.