Weighing indicator
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Panel Installation ABS Scale Display weighing controller indicator with LED display (B094C)

  • B094C
  • Brans
Features & Applications
  1.  - Use for turning the analog force signal to digital output,the standard analog output signal and simple control of the occasion
     - Analog output signal could be 4~20mA,0~±10V
     - Digital communication interface as RS485 or RS232
     - Multiple fltering and debugging modes make it easier to obtain the target value
     - Power supply and signal are isolated,strong anti-interference,more stable data acquisition and output
     - LED display,showing real-time weight value, peak value,etc.
     - Comparable output, peak capture, peak comparison output
     - Non-weight calibration, TEDS automatic calibration
     - High-speed sampling and fast display
     - DC24Vpower supply,voltage±10%,more secure and stable
     - 35mm standard industrial DIN rail

Display  LED
Output linear <0.01%
Comprehensive accuracy  better than 0.01%
A/D Conversion speed  >100-400/second 
Accept sensor ± 30mV
Input load  1~8*350Ω sensor
Output specification 4 - 20mA, 0 ± 10V
Temp.effect on output <10 ppm/ºC
Temp.effect on zero <10 uv/ºC
Excitation voltage 5VDC
Power supply 24 ± 10%VDC
Power waste <8W
Communication interface Isolated RS232/485
Switch in Switching: 2 switching input,3 switching output (OC)
Operation temp range -40 ~ 85°C
Weight approx. 0.5kg
Material Plastic Shell
IP Class IP64