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Platform Scale Load Cell With Single Point Aluminum Load Cells

  1. Name: B710 Platform Scale load cells with single point beam shape load cells

  2. Capacity: 50-300kg

  3. Material: Aluminum Single-Point-Pressure-Sensor-for-Weighing-Scales-PE-13-.jpg



  4. Instruction:

      710 provides both high accuracy and a small temperature coefficient for multi-range applications. Its extended nominal (rated) displacement enables scale overload stops to be easily adjusted.

      The maximum platform size is 450x450 mm (710). The base version’s shielded 4-wire connection cable is 3000 mm long and intended for use in compact weighing units. In addition to the standard version, HBM offers more add-on options for this load cell, for example, longer cables (up to 6 m) or an adjusted output.

  5. Advantages:

    Accuracy class C3 with professional aluminum material

    Max. capacities 710: 300 kg

    Off center load compensated

    Protection class IP67

    Shielded connection cable

    Material: Aluminum

    Optimized for static weighing applications


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