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Tri-axial Transducer force sensors


The Smart300-1000 model Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer can be used for biomechanics, engineering, medical research, orthopedics, rehabilitation evaluation, prosthetics, and general industrial uses. Specific uses include gait analysis, “Romberg” testing or stability analysis, neurological analysis, prosthetics fitting, athletic performance, shoe design, and force, power, and work studies.



The JUNE Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer model Smart300-1000 was specifically designed for the precise measurement of applied forces. The transducer measures the three orthogonal force components along the X, Y, and Z axes, and produces a total of three outputs. The high sensitivity, low crosstalk, excellent repeatability and long term stability of this transducer makes it ideal for research and clinical studies. The Smart300-1000 is easy to use and is available in 100 Newton vertical capacity.



The Smart300-1000 model Biomechanics Tri-axial Transducer uses strain gages mounted on ring structure to measure forces. As with most conventional strain gage transducers, bridge excitation and signal amplification are required. JUNE’s amplifier is high gain devices which provide excitation and amplification for multiple channels in one convenient package. The amplifier provides the six channels of amplification required by two Tri-axial Transducers. These amplifiers process the transducer signals and provide outputs suitable for an A/D converter so that the data can be stored and processed by a computer.